December 12, 2010

Handspinner's Handbook cover

Handspinner's Handbook
by Bette Hochberg, a book for both beginning and experienced spinners, will acquaint the reader with the spinning wheel, provide pros, cons and helpful tips involving sitting at the wheel, care of a wheel, how to feed fibers into the wheel, and different fibers along with their preparation.

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In a Spin cover

In a Spin
by Pat Old is a New Zealand book that may be hard to find, but a fun resource when it is found. Includes much information about how spinning wheels work, with a mention of spindles, managing spinning such that it can be repeated, a chapter on wool from fleece, through preparation to spinning, different spinning and preparation methods, including the use of a diz with combed top, and detailed instructions for creating novelty yarns.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 109).

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The Intentional Spinner cover

The Intentional Spinner
by Judith MacKenzie McCuin opens with a section on fibers, including tests to determine the content of mystery yarns. The section for spinning includes a multitude of photographs numbered to correspond to the text and a flow chart to help guide in wheel adjustments for the creation of particular yarns. There is also a chapter with projects including detailed spinning instructions to create the suggested yarn for the projects.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 148) and index.

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Respect the Spindle cover

Respect the Spindle
by Abby Franquemont is for those who would prefer to start on, or use exclusively, spindles rather than a spinning wheel. There are directions for making your own spindle from craft and hardware store parts as an economical way of beginning in the hobby. Beginning instructions in using a spindle to spin are followed by chapters to fine tune the creation of the yarn itself with technique and spindle selection, as well as creating yarn more efficiently on a spindle.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 133) and index.

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Spin Control cover

Spin Control
by Amy King will speak more to the spinner who is looking to learn to create a specific yarn, whether creating a yarn of their dreams or a replacement for a discontinued commercial yarn. Topics covered include fiber preparation, wheel adjustments, post-spinning notes and measurements to be able to learn from or repeat prior spinning products.

Includes index.

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Spin Dye Stitch cover

Spin * Dye * Stitch
by Jennifer Claydon introduces the book by explaining how she came to the hobby. In one of her other fiber crafts, she could not find the perfect thread which lead to learning to spin. This was followed with not finding the perfect color and learning how to dye. Both topics are covered in a sufficient introduction to start anyone off. From here, one may have enough working knowledge for as much as they would like, or can use this as a spring board to finding more in depth information.

Includes index.

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Spinning Designer Yarns cover

Spinning Designer Yarns
by Diane Varney encourages the design of yarn before sitting down to spin. Rather than just seeing what comes out of the wheel, she has found that she has a higher enjoyment of the yarns she has specifically designed and spun with purpose. Designing yarn includes fiber preparation and wheel adjustments, as well as keeping the finished product in mind when working with color and the effects of color blending.

Includes bibliographical references (p. 92-94) index.

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Spinning for Softness and Speed cover

Spinning for Softness & Speed
by Paula Simmons introduces and teaches the method of one handed wheel spinning. The one handed technique, particularly combined with the long draw method of spinning, is explained for the use in creating loftier yarns, which in turn produce warmer and softer fabrics.

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Spinning in the Old Way cover

Spinning in the Old Way
by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts is a spindling book starting from beginning spinning through refinement of techniques, all on a high whorl spindle. All steps are covered from fiber preparation through finishing techniques while wool is the only fiber introduced.

Includes index.

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Electronic Resources
December 12, 2010

Spin-Off Magazine - A magazine for spinners. Website and site membership includes patterns, forums, blogs, and print magazine article index.

Joy of Handspinning - A website of videos and articles on spinning, from fiber, to tools and techniques.

You Tube - Performing a search for "spinning yarn" on You Tube will result in numerous videos about spinning on both spindles and wheels, and using many methods. Adding the name of a technique, such as "long draw" or "from the fold" will narrow the results to a specific method of spinning. This is also possible with the methods of fiber preparation. These videos are excellent resources to help explain the topics found in the many of the books.

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